We are the Survival Specialists! Your precious little one deserves the best... so don't settle for anything less!

​Choose the best swim school for your child - their life may one day depend on the choice you make!

Aquatic Kidz Swim School offers a unique program primarily focusing on survival skills ​that is not offered at any other swim school within the Moreton Bay Shire.  We therefore that no other swim program will prepare your baby or child for the "unexpected" as our program does!  This proven program for babies, toddlers and children of any age has saved many lives - please click on our success articles (the boxes on the right) to read how our program helped save baby Miller and Lily.

Programs and the methodology used to teach babies, toddlers and young children vary greatly between swim schools.  Parents are usually unaware that each swim school develops their own swim programs and that the majority of infant swimming programs are primarily water familiarisation, where the infant learns to love the water but doesn't learn the combination of skills required to independently save themself if they fall into a body of water. Hence the reason why ​parents must do their research and not just go to the closest swim school because it's more convenient!

Our Minke and Orcas Beginner programs are designed to give infants, toddlers and non-swimmers of any age the necessary skills to prepare them for the "unexpected" - an accidental fall into a body of water!  Our unique accelerated learning programs result in quicker progress, therefore children are safer sooner​ when in and around water at a much earlier age compared to most traditional swim programs.

Our proven program for babies, toddlers and young children has saved many lives - please click on our success stories on the right to read how our program helped save baby Miller and Lilly.

The outstanding results achieved through our programs are done so with much TLC - we ​NEVER ​will use forceful or traumatic methods as a means to obtain "progress" from an infant or child.  Using forceful or traumatic methods will only result in an infant or child not only becoming fearful of the water, but they will also never trust that teacher ever again!

Programs and the methodology (either gentle or forceful methods) used to teach babies, toddlers and young children vary greatly between swim schools. 

Parents should do their research to determine which swim program and teaching methods best suits their expectations.

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Survival is first and foremost if we are to prevent accidental drowning in children.

Drowning is preventable however it is still the number one cause of accidental death in children under the age of five in Australia.  For every drowning there are many more "near drownings", leaving children with permanent brain damage.

Our proven programs along with our gentle, but unique methodology have saved many children's lives - toddlers CAN save themselves in an aquatic emergency (look at our toddler in the video - above right).

Our Master Instructors have over 49 years experience and are experts in teaching safety and survival skills to babies, toddlers and young children.

Our methodology and programs do work!

Our Minke program is a "skill based" progressive program - participants will become more advanced in their SURVIVAL (not just "safety" skills) the longer they remain in the program.  Hence the reason why we advocate infants MUST complete the full Minke program to gain maximum benefit  from the program. 

Accidental submersions can happen at any time, even to very young babies - long before they are crawling or walking and able to independently access a body of water themselves.  Click on the boxes (above right) to read how our Minke program helped save 5 ½ month old Miller and 2 year old Lilly. 

We commence lessons for babies from 4 WEEKS of age.  The sooner a baby commences lessons, the safer they will be.  Enrolling your baby/toddler in our Minke program from a very young age will give them the best chance of survival should the unthinkable ever occur. 

With only three babies per class, our vacancies are limited so please give us a call or book online.

What is the best age to start my baby's swimming lessons?

The younger the better!  The sooner a child commences lessons, the safer they will be.

Babies as young as 4 WEEKS can commence lessons at Aquatic Kidz Swim School.  With over 49 years teaching experience, our Master Instructors have the knowledge and expertise required to teach very young babies and will ensure the best of care is taken of your precious little one throughout the lessons. 

Our progressive "skill-based" Minke program is NOT​ a water familiarisation class, hence infants and toddlers will become proficient in a variety of swimming and survival skills as they advance through the program.

Our gentle, but creative teaching methods ensure the learning experience is fun and stimulating for the child.

Do your research when choosing a swim school for your precious litle one!

Programs vary greatly between swim schools, therefore parents must do their research when determining where to enrol their infant or child for swimming lessons.

Check the program and methodology used - a holistic program will ensure infants and young children are happy and relaxed in their lessons and forceful methods are not used as a means to obtain progress from the child.   We DO NOT "dunk" or forcefully submerge babies or toddlers - this is not inkeeping with our philosophy!  Our philosophy is "don't do to your child that you wouldn't want done to yourself"!

Our private swim school will provide a quiet and relaxed environment for your child to learn to swim without the loud noise and distractions often associated with large aquatic centres.  Our small classes of three babies per class guarantee your child maximum practice time throughout the lesson.

Our enclosed heated pool will provide an optimum and comfortable learning environment for your child.

How do we differ from other swim schools?

  1. We don't just teach babies and children how to swim - we teach them how to SURVIVE!
  2. ALL babies and toddlers in the Minke Program are taught by our Master Instructors - GUARANTEED - you can be assured your baby/toddler will never have an inexperienced teacher!
  3. OUR PROGRAMS ARE WORLD CLASS!  Our comprehensive and progressive "skill based" programs have been developed as a result of decades of research to provide your child with the best and most up-to-date aquatic education possible!
  4. Only 3 pupils to one teacher in our all our programs
  5. Family discount
  6. Private facility - no pool sharing!
  7. Enclosed heated pool (32oC) for lessons all year round
  8. Heated change rooms throughout winter
  9. Free make-up lessons
  10. Guaranteed highly experienced and qualified teachers
  11. Guaranteed teacher consistency in each program - your baby/child will never have a constant change of teachers!
  12. Accelerated learning programs - children are "safer sooner"
  13. Overall better value through quicker results!

Benefits of infant swimming

In the first 12 months of life a baby grows at an astonishing rate, not only physically but their intellectual development as well.

A young baby is like a sponge – taking in, absorbing and learning from all life’s experiences. 

Enrolling your baby in swimming lessons will enhance their overall development throughout this period of rapid growth.

• A baby’s brain grows and develops through stimulation therefore swimming lessons are an ideal activity for a very young baby, not to mention they may save your child's life one day!

• Infant lessons provide a good physical workout as the baby propels against the gentle resistance of the water and parents usually find their baby tends to sleep better on swim days.

• Exercise leads to a healthy immune system therefore babies who attend swim lessons usually tend not to get sick as often as their non-swimming peers.

Bookings are taken at any time throughout the year and block lessons are available throughout school holidays. Contact us today to book your lessons!